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Student Mental Health & Wellness Services - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)






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Are services confidential?
Services are confidential. No report is given to any member of the faculty or administration.

• What kind of therapy is provided?
Therapy is based upon student need (e.g., crisis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, psychopharmacological).


• What if additional sessions are needed/requested?
Services will be provided, if necessary, beyond the five given sessions.

• When is therapy available?
Therapy is available by appointment.

• How do I know if I need help?
We are available to assist with any and all challenges. If you are considering whether you need help, you are encouraged to call: 914-594-2542 or 914-594-2543.

After-hours crisis service:

This service can be utilized by all NYMC students and is intended to provide immediate access to counseling on nights and weekends in case of emergency.

Students need only email and Dr. Baird-Feldman or Dr. Stern will be in contact with the student by email or phone promptly.  This is not intended to provide emergent in-person evaluation or treatment but will hopefully provide additional access for students in crisis.

If you contact please include the following information:

School (Medical, Graduate, PT, etc.)

During the day please continue to contact us as usual.  As always, please contact us with any questions you may have about our service.


• I was seeing a therapist before I enrolled at New York Medical College. How do I locate one in the Westchester County area?
Students will be handled on an individualized basis. Students can be referred to a Clinician in the community who can follow them.

• What if I need medication management?
There is a Psychiatrist on Staff who can assist with medication management.

• What do I do in an emergency?
After hours crises calls are directed to the
Crisis Center: 914-493-7076


Page updated: September 4, 2014