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Student Clubs and Organizations


Student Academic, Cultural, Social and Athletic Activities

The College provides opportunities for its students to participate in a wide range of academic, cultural, social and athletic activities. The student, faculty and staff publication, In Touch, contains announcements of upcoming activities and other news of importance to all members of the College community.

Alpha Omega Alpha, the national honor medical society, maintains a chapter at the College. Election to membership, which is based on scholarship, is one of the highest honors a medical student may achieve. There is a campus chapter of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) which holds national and regional conventions attended by student representatives. At these conventions, subjects such as medical school curricula, the medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), United States Medical Licensing Examinations and national health legislation are considered. Students are also actively involved in the Organization of Student Representatives of the Association of American Medical Colleges and in the Student National Medical Association, which deal with similar issues. Other traditional student activities range from the lighthearted to the serious, and include production of the annual Follies and sponsoring Student Physician Awareness Day (SPAD).

Student Government

The Student Senate plays an important role in the College community. The Senate focuses on the problems and needs of the student body and works to bring about constructive change. Composed of five elected representatives from each class, the organization meets every month. An independent treasury derived from the student activities fee enables the Senate to sponsor social events, lectures and intramural sports. The Senate also provides funds to support the formation of professional interest groups with the expectation they will become selfsufficient. The treasury pays expenses for student representatives to attend national and state conventions.

The Student Senate publishes the yearbook and collaborates with the Office of Academic Affairs in publishing the Student Handbook. Student representatives serve on seven standing College committees and six other organizations of the College. Subcommittees and ad hoc groups of the Senate have been active in the following areas: curriculum, professional conduct code, course evaluation, financial aid, and IT services. A student representative to the Alumni Association, chosen by the Senate, attends the monthly meetings of the Alumni Board of Governors and reports back to the student body.


The Student Senate develops a social calendar at the beginning of the year to which each class adds other events as they are planned. These include parties, dances, picnics, happy hours and an annual event designed to raise money for student financial aid.

A range of cultural and entertainment activities are close at hand for students in Westchester County. History buffs will find a wealth of historic sites and restorations to explore. A basketball court on the campus is available to students, as are nearby facilities for basketball, football, softball, swimming, golf, skating, hockey and tennis. Trails for downhill and cross country skiing, horseback riding, bike riding and hiking are within a short drive of the campus. In addition, all the opportunities for entertainment that New York City offers are within easy reach.


For additional information on any of our clubs or student activities please contact the Dean of Student Activites at (914) 594-4491

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