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Digital Signage Guidelines

Date: July 19, 2013
Supersedes: none; PR.200

I.  Purpose

To establish guidelines for digital signage, which serves as a visual communication medium to inform students, faculty, staff, and visitors at New York Medical College. The Standard Information displayed includes (but is not limited to): programs, meetings, events, and student activities, weather information, campus news, important current events and campus and local emergency messages.

Digital signage offers the opportunity for campus organizations to publicize events or broadcast announcements that are of interest to the entire campus community.

Digital signage may also be used for sponsorship announcements associated with New York Medical College or the Touro College and University System or on a limited basis with other sponsorship programs or announcements.

II. Scope

This policy applies to usage by faculty, staff, alumni and student organizations at New York Medical College and its affiliates receiving approval to utilize the digital signage.

III. Definition

Digital Signage displays are categorized as “public” or “dedicated” and are located throughout the College.

A. Public Displays

These displays include standard information for internal and external Communication from internal and external sources, approved by the appropriate administrative offices

B. Dedicated Displays

Dedicated screens only communicate internal content from sources internal to the College, approved by the appropriate administrative office.

C. Content

The creation of content for digital displays requires consideration of technical, legal and aesthetic factors in a manner consistent with the technical consideration related to the System’s capability and limitations. Legal considerations related to compliance with appropriate copyright laws. Aesthetic considerations relate to making digital slides and videos interesting and effective.

IV. Policy

A. It is the policy of New York Medical College to provide a visual communication medium for internal purposes. The College reserves the right to set and enforce the guidelines established in this policy. Content that violates the Digital Signage Policy or does not meet minimum signage content requirements will not be posted.

B. New York Medical College has the right to establish guidelines that include the following criteria: Length of Broadcast, Technical Specifications, Submission Deadlines, and fees (when applicable).

C. The College is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any content submitted for display on the digital signage screens, nor for any technical difficulties that prevent the timely display of submitted content.

Questions or Comments should be referred to the Office of Public Relations.