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BMSM 8400 Internship in the Biomedical Sector (Fall and Spring)


Dr. Carroll

Credits: 3

Course Description:

The internship is applicable for students who have a strong interest in gaining experience and practical skills in the biomedical industry, or in the health or not-for-profit sectors related to biomedical science. A defined internship project is carried out in a program-approved professional company or organization and can be composed of several components including the discovery, development, management, and commercialization of medical products. The intern will comply with all guidelines, policies, procedures and training required by the hosting company or organization. Following the internship, the student will prepare a written “capstone“ report and presentation on the assigned internship project that will be assessed by the hosting company/organization and departmental faculty.

Prerequisites: Limited to Professional Science Master’s students

Full/part time equivalent to 10-12 wk. study. Pass/Fail