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BMSM 3510, 3520 Life in Biomedical Research I & II (Fall and Spring)


Drs. Lerea and Levine

Credits: 2 (1 each term)

Course Description:

A professional development course designed to introduce new Ph.D. students to practical aspects of biomedical research and to aspects of science and a career in science not covered explicitly in other courses – e.g., the philosophy of science, grant writing, and information about the different careers available to the scientist. Students will work in teams to learn about common modern laboratory techniques and use the scientific literature to explore areas of investigation and to design experiments to test hypotheses rigorously. The year-long course (BMS 3510 is the Fall semester portion) will be divided into six blocks. Each of the last four blocks focuses on an interdisciplinary research area in which a core group of NYMC investigators are experts.


Lectures: 1 hours/week. Letter-graded.