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BMSM 9110 Research Rotations (Fall and Spring)


Dr. Francis L. Belloni

Credits: 3

Course Description:

Students will rotate through three research laboratories during their first year of study. Each rotation will begin and end on prescribed dates tied to the academic calendar. The first rotation will coincide with the Fall academic semester (September through December), the second will coincide with the Spring semester (January through April), and the third will overlap the Summer term (May through August). Thus, students will register for this one-credit course three times, for a total of 3 research credits. The rotation will provide an opportunity for the student to learn about the type of research being pursued in each of the three laboratories by assisting in experiments, by reading publications from the lab and related articles from other labs, and by participating in laboratory meetings. The rotation will also provide the faculty director of each lab to observe and interact with the student. This experience is intended to provide a basis for both the student and the faculty sponsor to reach an informed decision about where the student should conduct his/her dissertation research. Students will be required to write up a short summary of the work in which they participated. The course will be graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis, and will not contribute to the student’s GPA. The faculty member supervising the rotation will, however, submit a written report on the student’s performance and his/her potential as a bench scientist.