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BCHM 1010, BCHM 1020 General Biochemistry (BCHM 1010 Part I (Fall) BCHM 1020 Part II (Spring))

(Previously offered as 230A.4 and 230B.4)


Credits: 8

Course Description:

This course is designed to present a thorough background of structural biochemistry, molecular biology and metabolism. The first semester provides the underpinning of quantitative biochemistry, i.e., stoichiometry, acids, bases, thermodynamics and kinetics. This is followed by a consideration of the structure and properties of amino acids and proteins. Fundamentals of catalysis and enzyme properties and mechanisms follow the development of protein structure. Molecular biology is developed via consideration of the structure, function and synthesis of DNA, RNA and proteins. Aspects of information transfer and its control are discussed in addition to the topics of regulation of gene expression and biotechnology. Finally, the structure and properties of carbohydrates and lipids, including glycoproteins, glycolipids and glycosaminoglycans are presented. The second semester focuses largely on metabolism. The subject is introduced by a discussion of the principles governing metabolism including bioenergetics, compartmentalization, and the operation and control of pathways. Major metabolic pathways of carbohydrate metabolism are discussed. This is followed by a consideration of oxidative metabolism and lipid metabolism (i.e., triglycerides, phospholipids and sterols). This is followed by signal transduction, membrane biochemistry and biochemistry of hormones. Then, the metabolism of amino acids, porphyrins and nucleotides are developed with considerable discussion of inborn errors of metabolism. The course concludes with a discussion of nutritional biochemistry and integration of pathways.

Prerequisites: Normally, Part I is a prerequisite for Part II. The order of a student’s enrollment may be reversed with the approval of the instructor if the student has received adequate training in physical chemistry and molecular biology.

Lectures and conferences: 4 hrs/wk. Letter-graded.