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BCHM 1011, 1021 Selected Topics in Biochemistry (BCHM 1011 Part I (Fall) BCHM 1021 Part II (Spring))


Dr. Wu

Credits: 4

Course Description:

This course sequence is a “carve-out” from the parent BCHM-1010, 1020 course sequence. It is intended for students in the Pharmacology Professional Science Master’s track who require a core of biochemistry knowledge as a prerequisite for their pharmacology studies. The lectures in BCHM-1011 and 1021 comprise a prescribed subset of the lectures of BCHM 1010 and 1020. BCHM-1011 includes lectures on buffers, amino acids, proteins, enzymes, glycoconjugates and blood coagulation, transcription (RNA synthesis and processing, control of gene expression, translation (tRNA, ribosomes, genetic code, aminoacylation, initiation, elongation, termination, regulation) and molecular biology technologies and applications. BCHM-1021 includes lectures on lipid digestion and absorption, fatty acid exudation, ketogenesis, triglyceride biosynthesis, amino acid metabolism, and purine and pyrimidine metabolism.


Lectures and conferences: 4 hrs/wk. Letter-graded.