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BCHM 1409, 1410 Medical Biochemistry (BCHM 1409 Part IA (Fall) BCHM 1410 Part IB (Spring))


Dr. Olson

Credits: 8

Course Description:

Biochemistry is concerned with the structures and reactions of cellular and tissue components. This course examines fundamental aspects of the subject and covers the basic concepts required for understanding physiological and pathological conditions. The subject matter, therefore, includes the metabolism of major body constituents, enzymatic and hormonal control mechanisms, nucleic acids and protein synthesis, and nutrition. Weekly small group conferences serve to reinforce lecture material and to inform the student of current applications of biochemistry to investigations and treatment of related genetic and metabolic diseases. Vehicles for learning include solving problem sets and reading and presenting the results of database searches of assigned biomedical topics and discussion of selected experimental studies from the original literature. This course is open only to PhD students and students in the Accelerated Master’s program, with permission of the course director.


Lectures: 80 hours, Conferences: 18 hours. Letter-graded.