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BCHM 9700 Master’s Independent Study (Fall and Spring)


Joseph M. Wu, Ph.D.

Credits: 4

Course Description:

Candidates for the Master of Science degree (Plan A) in the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology program may use this course to receive credit for their literature research and writing of the mandatory Master’s Literature Review (BCHM 9750). Students enrolled in BCHM 9700 must provide their faculty advisor with frequent and regular evidence of their progress, and with progressive drafts of the literature review itself according to a prearranged schedule. Independent study. Graded on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis. May be taken only once. Open to Master’s students only. N.B. Tuition charged for 1 credit, and 1 credit may be used to fulfill Plan A Master’s degree requirements.


Independent study. Pass/Fail.