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Pathology Course Descriptions

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PATM 1010 Morphological and Functional Basis of Pathobiology
PATM 1050 Conceptual Pathology
PATM 1080 Introduction to Pathology
PATM 1090 Systemic Pathology
PATM 1110 Fundamentals of Animal Research
PATM 1200 Introduction to Epidemiology
PATM 1410 General Pathology
PATM 1420 Systemic Pathology
PATM 2110 Introduction to Electron Microscopy
PATM 2210 Applied Environmental Science & Health
PATM 2220 Environmental Engineering and Health
PATM 2230 Environmental Law, Policy and Management
PATM 2310 Environmental Toxicology
PATM 2320 Nutritional Toxicology
PATM 2520 Air Pollution
PATM 2620 Topics in Cancer Research
PATM 2920 Health Physics in Research and Medicine
PATM 4010 Introduction to CLS Program
PATM 4020 Clinical Chemistry
PATM 4030 Clinical Hematology
PATM 4040 Clinical Immunology/Serology/HLA
PATM 4050 Clinical Urinalysis and Body Fluids
PATM 4060 Clinical Immunohematology
PATM 4070 Clinical Microbiology I
PATM 4080 Clinical Microbiology II
PATM 4090 Clinical Molecular Diagnostics
PATM 4100 CLS Management
PATM 4110 Research Design/Journal Club
PATM 7010 Directed Readings In Experimental Pathology
PATM 7101 Selected Topics in Cancer Biology
PATM 7410 Clinical Practicum
PATM 7420 Clinical Practicum II
PATM 7610 Biological Safety Evaluation of Chemical Products
PATM 7620 Acute and Subchronic Toxicity
PATM 7630 Chronic Toxicity and Carcinogenicity
PATM 7640 Mutagenic Effect of Chemical Products
PATM 7660 Reproductive Performance and Teratology
PATM 7670 Mechanisms of Chemical Toxicity
PATM 7680 Advanced Comparative Toxicokinetics
PATM 7690 Diagnostic Problems and Methods in Drug-Induced Diseases
PATM 7710 Introduction to Toxicological Pathology
PATM 7720 Regulatory Experimental Pathology
PATM 8010 Journal Club
PATM 8311 Graduate Student Teaching Assistance in Pathology
PATM 8312 Graduate Student Teaching Assistance in Pathology
PATM 8400 Internship in Environmental Sciences and Health
PATM 8600 Techniques in Experimental Pathology
PATM 9110 Research Rotation in Pathology
PATM 9200 Research Techniques in Pathology
PATM 9700 Master’s Independent Study
PATM 9750 Master’s Literature Review
PATM 9770 M.S. Clinical Capstone Report
PATM 9800 Master’s Thesis Research
PATM 9850 Master’s Thesis
PATM 9900 Doctoral Dissertation Research