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CBAM 1420 Histology Cell Biology (Fall)

(Previously offered as 142.6)

Kenneth M. Lerea, Ph.D.

Credits: 6

Course Description:

This course presents the structural organization and correlated function of the microanatomy of the human body. Since the cell is the basic element of all tissues, particular attention is paid to aspects of molecular and cell biology. New methods for studying structure and function are discussed. Lectures incorporate aspects of gross anatomy, embryology, histophysiology and histopathology to establish a foundation of integrated knowledge. In the laboratory, students study structural aspects by viewing prepared microscope slides and related electron micrographs. Several lectures are devoted to the clinical aspects of special topics in Cell Biology and Histology.

Prerequisites: Open to Ph.D. students only.

Lectures: 52 hrs, Laboratory-Conference: 70 hrs. Letter-graded. Students cannot apply credit for both CELL 1420 and CELL 1320, 1330 to their degree requirements.