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PTRM 6006 Kinesiology (Summer I)


Credits: 3

Course Description:

This course creates an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge of gross human anatomy in a practical and clinically-oriented way. Students study the biomechanics, kinetics, kinematics, and muscle dynamics of movement; the analysis of functional tasks; and principles of motor learning and motor control. Through a series of paired lectures and laboratories, students receive information regarding how an individual’s body characteristics, the environment, and the task being carried out; interact to generate the movements that emerge. Lab sessions provide students with a guided learning environment for practicing the physical examination of surface anatomy, the analysis of functional motor tasks, and basic skills in gait analysis. As a major project, students carry out a task analysis of a functional activity. The palpation and task analysis skills that students attain comprise a fundamental component of physical therapy examination that students will utilize throughout their careers as clinicians.