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PTRM 6014 Clinical Science in Physical Therapy III: Pediatric Conditions (Summer III)


Credits: 5

Course Description:

This is the last of three problem-based learning (PBL) courses that are designed to foster critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and evidence-based practice for comprehensive and effective patient/client management. Students are assigned to small tutorial groups with a faculty tutor. Groups meet bi-weekly to discuss patient/client management of hypothetical clinical cases. In these tutorial sessions, students identify learning issues associated with a case, examine and critique resources, discuss readings, and contribute to their own learning and that of their group members through dynamic group interactions. Discussions include matters relating to professional behavior, scientific and clinical knowledge, and competent performance of clinical skills. Weekly lectures provide students information to supplement their own case research. Laboratories that take place three days each week provide the means for students to learn the psychomotor skills associated with specific types of patient/client problems, and to raise additional cases for students to consider. The focus of this course is on pathological conditions commonly seen in children. Patient/client management takes into consideration the dynamics of parents, families, care providers, school environments, and children’s peers. Legal issues associated with rights to services are addressed, along with early interventions.