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PTRM 6029 Clinical Education lV (Fall and Spring)


Credits: 8

Course Description:

This ten-week clinical affiliation is the student’s final opportunity to refine familiar skills and to perform some additional newly acquired skills in an actual patient care environment. Demonstration of critical thinking skills, professionalism, safety, communication, and assuming responsibility for learning should be clearly evident throughout the affiliation. Pediatric and other specialty rotations are available at this level. Students work toward independence in the successful negotiation of a full complement of clinical responsibilities and skills during this final affiliation. The student is required to progress from maintaining a 75% caseload to a 100% full-time caseload in a cost effective manner. Entry level skills are expected in all performance areas at the end of the affiliation. Upon completion of the Clinical Education sequence, students are fully prepared to assume the roles of a staff physical therapist. (Note: Selected specialty rotations, such as pediatrics, may require 12 rather than 10 weeks.)