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PTRM 7092 Advanced Clinical Seminar (Fall and Spring)


Credits: 3

Course Description:

The content of this course is divided into two components. In the first component students are introduced to leadership theories, explore strategies for managing change, and learn about power and influence as it relates to being a physical therapy professional. Students then discuss physical therapy leadership related to clinical expertise and clinical teaching. Last, they discuss leadership as integrating contemporary science into clinical practice. The second course component has a focus on The Human Genome Project (HGP) with an emphasis on implications for physical therapy. The basics of genetic expression and the history of the HGP are reviewed. Students select genetics articles in areas of interest and lead online and in-classroom discussions about the implications for physical therapy practice. The ethical, legal and social implications of individualized genetic-based medicine are examined through assignments and online/classroom discussions. This course is primarily a distance based learning experience through DCDB involving the completion of individual assignments and participation in online discussions, and a few on campus lecture/discussion sessions.