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ENVM 6047 Molecular Basis of Environmental and Occupational Health (Fall and Spring)


Dr. Kim


Course Description:

This course explores the effect of environmental risk factors on human health and/or human diseases through the discipline of DNA RNA (genomics), protein (proteomics) as molecular basis to predict the causes of human health implications/diseases or to assess a biased systemic response on human health intervention following the exposure of environmental factors which include pathogen (bacterial, virus, fungi, etc.), chemical exposure, biological weapon, radiation exposure, stem cell, birth control and misusage of medicine. It also provides an understanding of the underlying human disease pathogenesis, diagnostic workflow for detection, assessment and measurement. The concept of molecular basis of environment approach can reduce risk factors as well as make prediction with advanced diagnostic measurement which enhances the detection level of environmental factors that affect human health. With advent of molecular medicine or personalized genomics in clinics, this course helps students to understand the interaction between healthcare and environment capability (i.e., pharmacogenomics and metabolomics) and how to apply those featured biotechnology mounted interpretation skills. This course also describes the methodology of risk assessment skills along with integrative bio-technology features which include the field of molecular basis toxicology, bioinformatics, drug discovery and monitoring personalized human health with functional and systemic biology which are supplemented with cutting-edge of modern nanotechnology and biomedical imaging applications.