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HPMM 000 Seminar in Biostatistics: STATA (Fall and Spring)


Credits: 3

Course Description:

This course is designed for students who have little or no familiarity with the Stata statistical analysis program. Students will learn the basic functions of the Stata program using its menus, dialog boxes, and commands, as well as common data preparation for analysis. Although this is not a statistics course, it is expected that students will have experience with basic descriptive statistics and hypothesis testing so that they can understand and interpret Stata results and the reasoning behind the associated statistical tests. At the course conclusion, students will be able to use Stata to complete necessary statistical analyses as they arise in future courses, research, and writings. To accomplish the objectives, students will be responsible for completing weekly assignments, special projects and a comprehensive final project. Experience indicates that the course objectives are achieved by requiring students to spend a significant amount of hands-on computer time. Therefore, the first part of each class will be presented as a lecture/demonstration. Students will then have the opportunity to go to the computer lab with faculty supervision to use Stata to accomplish the tasks that were presented/demonstrated in lecture and to begin their assignments and projects.