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Speech-Language Pathology Course Descriptions

Learn more about the M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) program.

SLPM 6001 Foundations of Speech, Language and Cognition
SLPM 6004 Advanced Anatomy of the Speech and Hearing Mechanisms
SLPM 6008 Speech Sound Disorders
SLPM 6009 Language Disorders of Children
SLPM 6010 Diagnostic Methods and Clinical Processes
SLPM 6011 Voice Disorders
SLPM 6012 Fluency Disorders
SLPM 6013 Neuromotor Speech Disorders
SLPM 6014 Dysphagia
SLPM 6019 Adult Neurogenic Language Disorders
SLPM 6020 Adult Neurogenic Cognitive Disorders
SLPM 6029 Seminar in Early Intervention
SLPM 6031 Seminar in Counseling
SLPM 6032 Neuroscience
SLPM 6035 School-Based Speech-Language-Hearing Services
SLPM 6040; 6041; 6042; 6043; 6044; 6067 Clinical Practicum Experiences
SLPM 6045; 6046; 6047 Seminar in Ethics and Professional Issues
SLPM 6062; 6063, 6064 Management of Medical Patients I, II and III
SLPM 6066 Speech Science
SLPM 6068 Pediatric Dysphagia
SLPM 6069 Research Methods in Communication Disorders
SLPM 6071, 6072, 6073 Clinical Methods I, II, III
SLPM 7090 Overseas Elective
SLPM 7091 Research Experience
Pediatric Dysphagia Advanced Certificate Courses Below:
PFDM 6001 Acquisition/development of feeding/swallowing skills in children
PFDM 6002 Feeding/Swallowing Disorders in pediatric populations
PFDM 6003 Comprehensive Assessment and Clinical Writing
PFDM 6004 Treatment Approaches in Pediatric Feeding Disorders
PFDM 6005 Practicum 1- Virtual Practica:
PDFM 6006 - Practicum 2 (Optional/Elective) PDFM 6006- Practicum 2 (Optional/Elective)
SLPM 7001 Seminar in Early Intervention 2
SLPM 7004 Working with Families and Reflective Practice
SLPM 7005 Treatment Approaches in Children with Complex Communication and Feeding Needs in EI
SLPM 7006 Acquisition/Development of Feeding/Swallowing Skills and Disorders in Children
SLPM 7007 Comprehensive Assessment of Feeding/Swallowing, Early Intervention and Clinical Writing