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PFDM 6001 Acquisition/development of feeding/swallowing skills in children (Semester 1)


Alexandra Heinsen-Combs, Hannah J. Tahhan

Credits: 3

Course Description:

Acquisition/development of feeding/swallowing skills in children This course provides a thorough understanding of normal swallow physiology in a developmental context in children, from birth to adolescence. Etiological factors for possible differences in this physiology are introduced. Specific content on feeding development in children is also incorporated. Evidence-based practice issues are incorporated into all aspects of the course. Acquisition/development of feeding/swallowing skills in children - The neurobiology of the swallow mechanism - In utero development of feeding and swallowing - Normal development: birth to adolescence - Developmental Care- what is it? - Principles of Assessment - NICU parent guest speaker - Introduction to objective assessments Meaningful Assignments - Students are asked to watch two short clips of videofluoroscopy and analyze the the oral, pharyngeal, and esophageal stages of the swallow. This assignment is again reviewed in class, stage by stage, and students are split into groups and asked to analyze specific components of the swallow. - Students are asked to create a developmental care protocol for the environment they are currently working in. - Using all environmental factors, how can the environment be modified to best suit the needs of their patient?