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PFDM 6003 Assessment and Treatment Protocols and Practices (Semester 2)


Credits: 3

Course Description:

Assessment & Treatment: Protocols and Practice This course provides a thorough review of protocols for assessment and treatment of specific pediatric populations (e.g., neonates, infants, toddlers) in a variety of settings (e.g., NICU, home care). Instrumental diagnostic techniques are introduced, with strong emphasis on videofluoroscopy and nasoendoscopy. Further emphasis is given to multiple management issues in general, as well as by varied cultural groups. Evidence-based practice issues are incorporated into all aspects of the course. Interdisciplinary approaches are discussed. Assessment & Treatment: Protocols and Practice - Components of a Clinical Feeding Evaluation for the Neonate - Cue based feeding and other standardized assessment tools - Assessment and treatment of the infant, toddler, and older child - Assessment and Treatment of the Child with Sensory Sensitivities - Problem Solving with Case Studies - Objective Assessments - Special Topics: Airway, Craniofacial Meaningful Assignments - Students are asked to watch a short clip of a NICU baby feeding and write a SOAP note. - Case Presentations - Students are broken up into groups and given a topic to discuss: - Overview - Assessment - Basic Treatment Tools - Parent Resource