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MCRM 2101 Medical Microbiology (Fall and Spring)


Jan Geliebter, Ph.D. Course Director | Mary Petzke, Ph.D., Assistant Director

Credits: 7 units

Course Description:

The medical microbiology course is designed to provide the student with insight into the fundamentals of microbiology and immunology with emphasis on their relationship to human biology and disease. Coursework is scheduled so that the topics carefully align with relevant material in both Pathology/Pathophysiology and Medical Pharmacology. The orientation of the course is toward an understanding of the biology of pathogenic microorganisms. The principles of microbial pathogenicity are therefore presented from the perspective of the agents and the several strategies they utilize to colonize successfully and to establish infection. The subjects covered are the basic properties of microorganisms, their physiology and genetics, the mode of action of antibiotic and chemotherapeutic agents at the cellular level, and the biologic and immunologic responses of the host to infections. Emphasis is placed on emerging and re-emerging diseases and global health issues. Integration of lectures, laboratory work, visual aids, self-study, group discussions and clinical correlations help students learn the concepts and techniques essential to diagnose, treat and prevent infectious disease.