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PATM 2101, 2102 Pathology/Pathophysiology (Fall and Spring)



Credits: PATM 2101 - 10 units, 2102 - 14 units

Course Description:

The year-long Pathology/Pathophysiology course for 2nd year medical students is a multi-disciplinary teaching effort coordinated by the Department of Pathology in collaboration with the Departments of Internal Medicine, Medical Genetics, Family & Community Medicine, Neurology, Surgery and Dermatology. Serving as a bridge between the basic sciences and clinical medicine, this 2 semester course, which is horizontally and vertically aligned/ integrated within the curriculum, is designed to foster (1) critical thinking in the approach to the diagnosis and treatment of disease and (2) the continued development of life-long learning skills necessary for a career in Medicine. This is accomplished through a teaching program that consists of several integrated components, including lectures, scheduled self-study periods, computer-based learning materials, and engaged or active learning experiences in intermediate and small-sized group settings.