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NROM 3101 Neurology ()



Course Description:

During Clerkships, students function as members of the clinical team with attending physicians, residents, interns, nurses, and allied health professionals. Through a combination of supervised patient care, conferences, lectures, individual feedback and teaching rounds, students apply the knowledge and skills they acquired in their first and second year courses, students broaden their knowledge of the clinical manifestations of disease processes, and continue to develop their interviewing and physical examination techniques and their communication skills. They begin to assume responsibility, under supervision, for the evaluation and treatment of patients. The goal of third year clerkships is to provide students with opportunities to develop his/her skills in the evaluation and care of patients. Students also participate in a unique Translational Research program during the Medicine Clerkship, where critical analysis of the literature is emphasized. Clerkship placements are done by lottery in the spring of year two.