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OSCM 3101 Clinical Competency Exam (Fall and Spring)




Course Description:

During year three, all students are required to take a comprehensive, multi-station, standardized patient clinical examination. The purpose of this examination is to assess students’ skills in both the cognitive and non-cognitive areas of medicine including patient-physician interaction, clinical reasoning, and diagnostic skills. It also serves as marker for success on Step 2CS. Through the use of standardized patient checklists and digital video recordings of their encounters, students will be able to review their performances interacting with patients in order to identify strengths as well as deficiencies. A passing score on this examination is required for graduation. The examination is administered prior to the fourth year to permit students with unsatisfactory performance time to remediate their deficiency. The Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education, in consultation with the Clinical Skills Subcommittee of the Year Three and Four Curriculum Committee, will assign remediation to students, or will refer the situation to the Promotions Committee for review. If a student fails his/her remediation, the student will be referred to the Student Academic Performance Review Committee.