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We look forward to celebrating the graduation of the Class of 2024 of the School of Health Sciences and Practice (SHSP), School of Medicine (SOM), Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBMS), and TCDM and all of their collective accomplishments.

Distinguished commencement speakers have accepted our invitations to address the graduates at all four ceremonies. Honorary degrees will be awarded by the SOM and the GSBMS. 

For many months, the commencement committee has worked on the planning and logistics of the commencement exercises to ensure a memorable experience for all graduates and their guests. In order to make this an enjoyable occasion for all, I’d like to remind you of the rules designed to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment at the ceremonies. Please read them carefully and share them with your family and friends. 

  1. No automobile or pedestrian will be permitted to approach the sites of commencement without first clearing the security screening process.
  2. No person will be permitted into the commencement hall or tent without a ticket and clearing a second security screening process. For everyone's safety and enjoyment of commencement, no one will be permitted in the venues without being cleared at the specified checkpoints. All guests, staff, and faculty will be required to check-in. Those not on the list for approved attendance will be turned away and there will be no exceptions. The paper tickets will be handed out at the second checkpoint for the SOM, SHSP, and TCDM. Because of the smaller size of the crowd, the GSBMS will not use paper tickets. Anyone without a ticket will not be allowed to enter; without exception.
  3. There will be a discreet, but extensive, presence of public safety officers of both NYMC and the State University of New York campus police. They will be inside and outside of the commencement venue. They are present for everyone’s safety. 
  4. No one is to unfurl and display any banners, placards, flags, or signs. No noise-making devices such as bells, rattles, or air horns are permitted. Anyone who attempts to enter commencement with such items will be denied entrance. Anyone disrupting the dignified and orderly conduct of commencement will be escorted from the hall/tent by public safety officers.
  5. The academic attire for the procession and on the commencement platform, for faculty, staff, and students, will be the academic gown, academic hood representative of the degree, and academic cap. Do not "decorate" or embellish or place anything on or attached to the academic cap. There are to be no colored braided cords, decorations, signs, messages, sashes, pins, scarves, or stoles worn on or over your academic cap and gown. Nothing extraneous of any kind is to be worn on or over the gown or visible in any way -- either on the hat or gown or below the hem of the gown except for three reasons: (a) The university medallion of office worn by the president and chancellor/CEO; (b) Those individuals who, as part of their religious observance, choose to wear a head covering beneath their academic cap which, in some cases, will be partially visible; (c) Those graduates taking the military oath of office in the U.S. armed forces are to wear their uniforms below their academic attire as instructed. This policy is to ensure that we have a dignified and orderly commencement. Security personnel will be stationed at the procession and the entrance to the commencement stage. Any student not following this rule regarding their academic attire will not march in the procession, will be denied entrance to the stage, and will not receive their diploma. No faculty or staff member will be permitted in the procession or on stage if not in compliance with this rule. If anyone wishes to wear any colored braided cords, sashes, stoles, pins, or any decorations on their academic attire, they may don such items after they leave the graduation hall/tent for personal photographs outside the venues. When entering the procession and/or going on stage, any additional items should either be left with family members, put in your pocket or purse, or otherwise stored. 
  6. Upon instructions of the Fire Marshall, no guests are allowed in the aisles for the intent of taking photographs or making videos.  The Fire Marshall has the authority to halt commencement if audience members engage in behavior deemed to compromise safety. We have hired several professional photographers to photograph the graduates. Anyone not following this fire safety rule will be escorted from commencement. 
  7. We ask audience members not to stand and block the views of those behind them unless the audience is directed to stand as part of the ceremony.
  8. We ask that the audience hold their applause until all the graduates have received their degrees. 
  9. The Board of Trustees has authorized the deans of each school to deny a student from graduating for issues related to academic standards, professional behavior, and/or clearing financial accounts. This authority extends to commencement. 

Congratulations to the NYMC and TCDM Class of 2024. By following these safety and decorum rules, we will maximize everyone's enjoyment. We look forward to honoring you.