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Summer Pre-Matriculation Program (PMP)

Ensuring Success in Medical School
Live Sessions PMP Dates: July 11th to July 22nd 2022
Move-in Date: July 10th 2022

About the Summer Pre-Matriculation Program for Incoming First-year Medical Students

Every summer, the Office of Diversity & Inclusion (ODI) hosts an intensive two-week face-to-face Pre-Matriculation Program (PMP). This will be in collaboration with the Office of Academic Support, Office of Student Affairs, and Office of Undergraduate Medical Education.

All students who have been accepted to NYMC School of Medicine (SOM) and have committed to attending NYMC SOM this Fall may apply.

Pre-matriculation Program Student Applicant Information

Ensuring Success in Medical School Pre-matriculation Program

Live Sessions PMP Dates: July 11th to July 22nd 2022.
Move-in Date: July 10th 2022.

The Program:

The program runs from July 11th to July 22nd 2022, with a move-in date of July 10th 2022. This program is free of charge. Housing, classroom space, faculty lectures, workshops, outings & lunches will be included.


  • To enhance study skills of incoming students using an applied approach, by incorporating study skills workshops for first-year course material.
  • To ease the transition to undergraduate medical education.
  • To develop relationships between students and faculty, as well as academic support/student affairs resources.
  • To enhance camaraderie amongst the incoming students.


The goal of the PMP is to strengthen the academic, professional and social skills of new students as they enter New York Medical College. PMP curricula and competencies will be delivered in modules which will focus on gross anatomy, cell biology/histology, biochemistry and physiology. In addition, learning styles, test-taking skills, and wellness will also be covered.

During this two week period, the program will cover learning styles, test taking skills, wellness, financial management, time management, accommodations, and our rich array of career advising resources. The program also helps familiarize students with campus resources and provides an excellent opportunity to get acclimated and form relationships with future classmates.

Begin the Pre-Matriculation Program Student Application here. The application cycle is now open and we will be accepting students on a rolling basis until the program begins.

Pre-matriculation Program Information for Staff Members

Ensuring Success in Medical School Pre-matriculation Program

Live Sessions PMP Dates: July 11th to July 22nd 2022.

We would like some of the staff members to be available on July 10th 2022, which is when many of the participants in the pre-matriculation program will be moving into their on-campus housing.

The ideal candidate will feel comfortable teaching the material that was taught in the first year of medical school. Those who feel comfortable giving lectures may have the opportunity to lecture (however this is not a requirement). Most staff will be leading small group sessions (10-12 incoming first-year medical students).

Program length: The program runs from July 11th to July 22nd 2022. Staff will have the opportunity to also work during the first-year orientation.

Begin the Pre-Matriculation Program Staff Member Application here. The application cycle is now open and we will be accepting students on a rolling basis until the program begins.


If you have any questions as a student or as a staff member applicant, please reach out to the Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion at diversityinc@nymc.edu.