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COVID-19 Update


Important Updates

  1. How to find a site for COVID-19 vaccine: https://www.nymc.edu/news-and-events/for-media/coronavirus/covid-19-vaccine-appointments/
  2. Health Services visits are by appointment only.
  3. Persons with symptoms that can be consistent with COVID-19 must first discuss symptoms by phone with a practitioner.  Health Services does not perform COVID-19 diagnostic tests.
  4. Options for COVID-19 diagnostic tests:
  5. Health Services manages the contact tracing of university contacts for students and employees with COVID-19, informs students/employees of requirements for isolation and quarantine and clears students/employees to return to school/work after isolation or quarantine. This includes:
    • Confirmed COVID-19
    • Suspect COVID-19
    • Exposure to a person with COVID-19
    • Travel related exposure
  6. Policies regarding how the above 4 situations can be found on our COVID-19 Policies page.

COVID-19 Attestation

The daily campus screening form at www.nymc.edu/screening continues to be required for entry into any NYMC or TCDM building.