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Sustaining energy, happiness and health.

As future health professionals, we probably don’t need to remind you about the importance of excellent nutrition to physical, emotional and mental health. But why let that stop us?

NYMC wants our students to be their own best examples of glowing, good health.  And we have resources to help.   


On-Campus Dining and Catering Services

Lessing's, a food service management company established in 1890, operates at more than 80 locations in the northeast, including the corporate and education sectors, catering, special events, country club operations, fine dining establishments and franchises. Campus food service is Glatt Kosher and operates under the rabbinical supervision of the Orthodox Union, with Rabbi Shlomo Machlis as the on-site supervisor.

Visit their website at: http://nymc.lessings.com


Community Garden

The NYMC Community Garden, located amid student housing, offers an environment of collegiality, sustainability and creativity by encouraging students to grow flowers, fruits and a wide assortment of vegetables from rhubarb and radishes to tomatoes and spinach. Participating gardeners enjoy the satisfaction and benefit of harvesting—and eating—their homegrown food.

View photos and a map of the NYMC Community Garden.


Farmers Markets

The Good Food Farmers Network (GFFN) is a collective of local farmers dedicated to increasing the availability of high-quality, locally produced food. Each week, GFFN makes weekly deliveries—of fresh produce, organic vegetables and fruit, grass-fed meats, pastured poultry and eggs and other specialty items—to NYMC community members enrolled in the program.   

For those able to travel, Westchester County and the Hudson Valley both boast scores of local Farmers Markets in neighboring towns.  



Here are a few nutritional apps to make eating well easy and fun. 

ShopWell aids grocery shopping by helping users create healthy grocery lists, get nutrition facts and ingredients and find foods that meet dietary needs and goals. 

The Locavore app tells users what’s in season in their area, helps track down the nearest farmers’ market, and provides links to social-media sites where locals can share their best foodie finds.

More Great Nutrition Apps 
Because with 3-6 meals a day, you can never have enough!