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Where to Walk

The NYMC Running Club uses Strava—a mobile- and web-based app—to track runs and identify routes on campus. Among other options, the Club has mapped out a 0.4 Mile Hospital Loop, a 2.1 Mile Campus Loop and a 3.1 Mile (5K) Campus Route.

Hospital Loop


Campus Loop


5‌k Campus Route

For shorter distances and to navigate through campus, NYMC has walkways and sidewalk paths including the Dana Road, Walkway, and Skyline Routes.

Route 1: Walkway

      Route 2: Dana Road

      Route 3: Skyline Drive

Additionally, within a 10-minute drive from NYMC, there are numerous other running and walking options, many quite beautiful*:

Off Campus Options

The Old Croton Aqueduct Trail (26.2 miles of unpaved trails)
North County Trailway (22.1 miles, paved)
Bronx River Parkway (19.12 miles, paved)
Tarrytown Lakes Park (~2 miles, paved and unpaved)
Rockefeller State Park Preserve (miles of unpaved trails)
Kensico Dam Plaza (paved trails, scenic views)
Graham Hills Park (miles of unpaved trails)
Cranberry Lake Preserve (miles of unpaved trails)

*Walkers and runners are always encouraged to run with partners and remain mindful of surroundings when en route.