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Anesthesia Interest Group

About Our Group
Our mission is to provide medical students with exposure to the anesthesiology specialty through opportunities in mentorship, education, hands-on experience, and exploration of career opportunities.

Officers and Contacts

Contact: nymcaig@gmail.com

2015-2016 Executive Board Officers

President: Chana Weinstock (hannah_weinstock@nymc.edu)
Vice President: Edgewood Warner (edgewood_warner@nymc.edu)
Secretary: Rafat Mahmood (rafat_mahmood@nymc.edu)
Treasurer: Jordan Tai (chenghung_tai@nymc.edu)
M1 representative: Musaub Khan (musaub_khan@nymc.edu) and Melissa Marseille (melissa_marseille@nymc.edu)
M3 advisor: Sherry Liou, Eugene Hung
M4 advisor: Lauren Schergen, Jason Broker

2014-2015 Executive  Board Officers

President: Sherry Liou (sherry_liou@nymc.edu)
Vice President: Eugene Hung (ChunWai_Hung@nymc.edu)
Secretary: Nate Carberry (nathan_carberry@nymc.edu)
Treasurer: Christopher Di (Christopher_di@nymc.edu)
M1 representative: Chana Weinstock (hannah_weinstock@nymc.edu)
M3 advisor: Luo Luo Zheng
M4 advisor: Edward Esses, Camille Fontaine

2013-2014 Executive Board Officers

President: Luo Luo Zheng
Vice Presidents: 
Grace Yau, Mrinalini Modak
Sherry Liou
Eugene Hung