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Cultural and Religious

Interest groups providing connection and programming for our diverse community of Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Asian-Pacific, Chinese, Latino and South Asian students. For more information, click the club you are interested in.

  • Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)
  • The Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association at New York Medical College is dedicated to raising awareness of our rich, multifaceted heritage and the health problems and diseases that plague our communities. Our upcoming events this year include: APAMSA Culture Show: each year hundreds of students, faculty, and guests attend our largest event of the year to watch YOU, our talented student body, showcasing everything from cultural acts, skits, comedy videos Multiple Hepatitis B screenings and Bone marrow drives to raise awareness in the API community Mentoring program with middle school/high school age kids Diversity Day: day long cultural exploration and workshops and much much more! Come out and get involved!

  • Catholic Medical Association
  • The Catholic Medical Association at New York Medical College consists of a group of students desiring to see faith and science as complementary elements in practicing medicine. We seek to inspire our members to adhere to the teachings of the church which protect and uphold the dignity of every person. Our activities include bible studies, a yearly CMA National conference for those who wish to attend, journal discussions, Eucharistic Ministry at Westchester Medical center, and Friday fish dinners during the Lenten season.

  • Chinese Student and Scholar Association (CSSA)
  • CSSA welcomes all Chinese students, scholars, stuffs and anyone who is interested. Our goal is to provide a warm home for the Chinese community in studying/working at NYMC, and serve as a hub for the entire NYMC community to share and communicate Chinese cultures. CSSA, serving for entire NYMC community, is established to provide multiple functions: 1. Introduce NYMC and CSSA to new Chinese students, scholars and staffs, provide consult and help for their questions and needs in life and study. 2. Organize routing meetings to provide opportunities for the current club members to share experiences and promote communications. 3. Organize events, majorly around Chinese traditional festivals, to introduce and propagate Chinese cultures to entire NYMC community. 4. Assist university faculty and staff in questions regarding Chinese language, society and culture.

  • Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA)
  • CMDA is an organization that provides resources, networking opportunities and support to Christian healthcare professionals and students. Since 1931, CMDA has worked to provide an environment that enables individuals in healthcare to express and enjoy their faith and promote a balance of religion and career. At NYMC, students are encouraged to come to CMDA to have an avenue to express themselves as Christians and to have support and encouragement for the harsh realities of life as a medical student. One of our main objectives is building friendships where people are comfortable around each other. We welcome those who are just curious about faith and religion and want to know more. We hold weekly meetings where we sing songs of worship, pray, have testimonies, hold bible studies and just have a good time in each other's companies. We also participate in an annual student conference where CMDA students from across the region meet for a fun-filled weekend to share and worship together, we hold holiday parties, and participate in so many more activities. Click here to view the website.

  • Diversity Mentorship Program
  • Our mission is to develop an environment at NYMC that caters to the unique needs of underrepresented minority students at the medical school to better facilitate their academic and social success. Purpose: Our purpose is to provide students in the younger classes with an experienced mentor that understands their unique challenges, who can serve as a source of guidance and support when encountering the challenges posed by a career in medicine. Goals: Our goal is to ensure that each underrepresented minority student has the resources, information, and community support needed to take on the challenges of medical school and to address the particular obstacles unique to those of the minority community.

  • Jewish Student Association
  • The Jewish Student Association was started by medical students for the purpose of organizing activities that increase Jewish awareness in the college community. Events are often focused around the Jewish festivals. Our goal is to discuss and learn about the various aspects of Jewish life, law, culture, and philosophy through open forums and guest speakers. We offer a cohesive, warm, and accepting group where members can learn more about the Jewish heritage and participate in events that further their interest and knowledge of Judaism. We are continually looking for new members and welcome new ideas from members of the college community.

  • Latino Medical Student Association
  • What we're about: An organization including members from all national and cultural origins. Some of its goals include: academic and social support for members, further development of leadership skills, education and sensitization of non-Latino students to the needs of the Latino community, community involvement to help educate and strengthen the local Latino community.

  • LGBTQ Advocacy In Medicine
  • LGBTQ Advocacy In Medicine (AIM) is an on campus student group that supports and celebrates the NYMC LGBTQ community. LGBTQ AIM provides support and community for LGBTQ students through social and mentorship events both on campus and in NYC. It advocates for more inclusive curriculum and provides para-curricular events to educate the community on LGBTQ health issues. Additionally, LGBTQ AIM has partnerships with community institutions including The LOFT, a LGBTQ community center in Westchester, and collaborates with other student groups for volunteer events.

  • Muslim Student Association
  • The Muslim Student Association (MSA) is an organization that aims to strengthen the Muslim and non-Muslim community at NYMC through acts of service and advocacy. Our mission on campus is to promote the education and awareness of Islamic values. In addition to Islamic religious events and speakers, MSA also takes part in various community service projects. MSA is open to all those interested in learning about Islam and embracing NYMC's values of diversity and humanity.

  • The South Asian Medical Students Association
  • The South Asian Medical Students Association of NYMC provides a great opportunity for students to get involved in non-academic activities in a fun and meaningful way. The main event of the year is the annual Culture Show co-hosted by SAMSA and APAMSA, the biggest performance event held for the NYMC community. The Culture Show consists of a variety of acts and performances (not just Asian-themed!) to showcase the talent of our medical school. By becoming involved in SAMSA, students have the opportunity to become part of the team to put on this great show, as well as host and organize various events throughout the year aimed at celebrating South Asian culture.

  • Student National Medical Association (SNMA)
  • Student National Medical Association is a nationwide organization that focuses on meeting the needs and concerns of minority medical students. Throughout its 40-year history it has directly confronted culturally sensitive issues, such as healthcare education disparities, violence prevention, sexual health awareness, and drug and alcohol prevention with the goal of countering these negative forces that plague minority communities in the US. Our mission here at NYMC is to promote the awareness and understanding of healthcare disparities and employ concerned individuals, regardless of race and ethnicity, in reaching out into communities to promote good health practices. We plan to have a fun-filled year that includes activities such as visiting junior high and high school students to inspire them to consider a future in health care, social outings, our annual cultural food festival and many more events.

For additional information on any of our clubs or student activities please contact the Dean of Student Activities at (914) 594-4491.