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Social and Recreational

Nearly two dozen recreational, fitness and other clubs, including the Art Club, the Arrhythmias a cappella group, Camping Club, Climbing Club, Cycling Club, Flag Football, Intramural Basketball League, Student Senate, Ballroom Dance Club and Wine Club of NYMC. For more information, click the club you are interested in.

  • The mission of the Art & Photography Club is to provide the NYMC community with an opportunity to make and share artwork or photography. Through collaborative efforts among students and faculty, we want to inspire creativity and explore the meaningful role that the visual arts can have in medicine.
  • The Arrhythmias is a co-ed a cappella group founded, organized, and composed entirely of NYMC students. We were founded in 1993, and continue to be one of the most active groups on campus. The group typically consists of about 16 singers, and performs music from various genres specifically arranged for a cappella. We perform at numerous events throughout the year, including the White Coat Ceremony, the Cultural Show, and various charitable performances. The group typically meets once a week for 1-2 hours.
  • Board Game Club strives to bring some much needed joy and happiness to the student body of NYMC. Our goal is to acquire games (not necessarily limited to the board variety) and have them in an easily accessible place such as the student lounge. Also to set up monthly organized game nights where larger groups can come together and play. This will give students an opportunity to meet and connect with their peers and have a good time. With these we hope to foster a happier, and dare I say healthier, community at the NYMC.
  • All are welcome to help care for the vegetables, herbs, and flowers growing at the end of Old Farm Road. The goal of our botanic and community garden is to cultivate a place where students, staff, and faculty can share in the delights and pleasures of gardening. The first Botanic garden was created in 1545 to help medical students distinguish the differences between plants of therapeutic value and 'imposters,' in 2015 we are continuing the tradition first established a half a century ago by the Orto Botanico di Podova, where Vesalius taught and Falloppio studied. Please check out our Facebook page for updates or just drop by to get dirty.
  • The mission of Camping Club is to provide the NYMC community access to the outdoors through organized camping trips and education on outdoor safety and medicine. We organize one camping trip each spring and autumn, with additional trips and activities varying based on student interest. By providing these opportunities to the NYMC community, we hope to foster an appreciation for the outdoors and enhance community knowledge of outdoor medical practice.
  • Our goal is to introduce NYMC students to rock climbing, create an environment where students can exercise together, motivate each other, find climbing partners, and foster a supportive community of people with shared interests. Club activities center largely on weekly small group climbing trips at The Cliffs in Valhalla climbing gym. There are planned Climb and Pizza nights to reunite club membership for large group climbing sessions. The first climbing day will be open to people who have not yet bought gym membership and will be invited on availability of limited personal guest passes and funding for equipment rentals. Other events include Reel Rock Tour Film festival, which is an event that brings together the climbing community in the metropolitan area and educates members on climbing and like experiences. We also intend to have a guided outdoor climbing trip at Alpine Endeavors in the Adirondacks, and smaller outdoor trips to the Shawangunk Ridge, NY. To give back to the climbing community, the Climbing Club is actively involved with Adaptive Climbing NYC, an organization geared towards providing indoor and outdoor climbing opportunities for individuals with physical and mental disabilities throughout the NYC area.
  • The Clinical Nutrition Club is brand new at NYMC! Our mission is to raise awareness about the importance of nutrition in treating patients, seek out volunteer related educational opportunities at local schools, stay updated on current nutrition research and trends, develop resources for our student body such as cooking demonstrations, and provide opportunities for professional training in nutrition through mentorship and shadowing.
  • As the largest organization of physicians in America, the AMA offers what other groups cannot: 1. Be informed on policy issues that affect you as a student and as you begin to practice 2. Propose changes or new resolutions to AMA policy to be adopted on a national scale 3. Participate in several NYMC service projects such as elementary school nutritional education, domestic violence lectures, and the NYMC Student-Run Health Fair 4. Become involved as an officer on a state, regional, and national level 5. Attend conferences with distinguished speakers (such as President Obama) and make connections with other medical students and physicians across America. The AMA is more than just a club, it's a professional organization that will benefit you throughout your career as a physician. Visit the website to register or for more info.
  • Leave the books behind and join us for a ride. Some short and slow, some long and fast. For those interested, we can train for tris, races, and centuries - like the Sept. Golden Apple Ride.
  • The NYMC Flag Football league is truly the pinnacle of competitive sports at NYMC. We have had up to 150 students participate and are always eager to expand the league to more students at NYMC, including PT and graduate students. Rules have traditionally been 7 on 7, with a minimum of 2 members of each gender on the field at all times. The league has also hosted a Powderpuff game between the first and second year girls, with the first and second year boys cheering their classmates on and putting on a halftime routine. The game is followed by a BBQ and Halloween party. The season concludes with a playoff and a Super Bowl game. There are separate committees which oversee the powderpuff game, but the league itself is run by a Commissioner, usually a 2nd year, and a Deputy Commissioner, usually a 1st year. The goal of the club is to foster class unity and teamwork skills early in the year to help people meet and have a good time.
  • The Intramural Basketball league is one of the most spirited sports at NYMC. We usually have had up to 10 teams consisting of 8-10 students, which include medical students, PT students and graduate students. Most rules are similar to the college basketball game, with minor changes. Games usually are played at House of Sports in Ardsley.. The outdoor court is also a possibility if the weather allows it. The season concludes with a playoff and an all-star game. The league itself is run by a Commissioner, usually a 2nd year, and a Treasurer, usually a 1st year. The goal of the club is to have fun, especially after Intramural Football is over in November, since the Basketball league usually runs from November to March. What else is there to do during those months?! Let the NYMC Madness begin!
  • The goal of the NYMC Dance Club is to provide diverse dance classes for all students of the school, free of cost, and taught by peers. We hope to foster cultural awareness through dance, encourage creativity, and promote healthy living through movement and exercise.
  • The Running Club is for anyone who runs at NYMC, from beginners to seasoned veterans. We use a website/run-tracking app to encourage and motivate each other as we stay active around campus and occasionally meet up for group runs at trails and tracks nearby. The Running Club is a great way to get to know other runners at school, explore new trails and races, and find some extra motivation and support on all of your running adventures!
  • Our club promotes an active, healthy lifestyle through enjoyment of the outdoors for members of the NYMC community. Our mission is to provide fun outdoor excursions, to bring together people of similar interests, and provide resources on local outdoor activities.
  • Quill & Scope: The NYMC Student Medical Journal was founded in 2008 for the purpose of providing a platform for medical students of all years at NYMC to express their views on the contemporary issues in medicine. Diversity and breadth of scope are core values of the journal, as is integrity and professionalism. The journal is published annually in the fall, after submissions are evaluated by an editorial board consisting of students and faculty. Students from any year are invited to contribute original pieces of work throughout the first half of each school year. All forms of art and literature will be considered for publication; commentaries, reviews, research abstracts, poetry, and artwork have appeared in the past. Topic choice is the contributors; all will be reviewed. To view editions from previous years along with topic ideas and submission guidelines please visit our website.
  • Joining the NYMC's Student Senate is a great way to get involved at NYMC! As a Senator you will have the opportunity to represent your fellow students, work on a very close-knit team, get to know many members of the administration, and have a lot of laughs. The Senate is a great group of 21 students that serves to represent the student body. There are 5 representatives elected by the student body from each of the four classes, plus a President elected by the Senators themselves. Our role is to voice the students' concerns to the members of the faculty, staff, and administration, keep the student body informed about upcoming changes and events going on at NYMC, and promote communication and cooperation between the medical students, administration and members of the other schools at NYMC. We provide a venue through which students can extend their participation in the affairs of the college from the level of deliberation and consultation to the level of action. Keep an eye out for emails with further details about the upcoming elections!! Questions?
  • The NYMC Soccer Club is a great way to get outside and unwind after long days of class and studying. It is a very casual group, with pick-up games scheduled as conveniently as possible for everyone involved. We play about once a week (weather permitting) on the fields outside the administration building and in the oval. In recent years, we have also been organizing a team for indoor competition throughout the winter (with a small cost to cover outside league fees). Finally, it's an easy way to get to know people outside of your own class, which is relatively rare. Men and women of all skill levels participate and everyone has a great time. We hope to see you out on the field!
  • The Ballroom Dance Club was created by those passionate about dance to provide free lessons for all students a few times a year in various dance styles, including salsa, swing, waltz, bachata, and more. This club provides students a fun way to take a study break with some physical activity while simultaneously learning how to dance and making new friends. We hope in the future for our club to grow, to include trips off campus to dance as well as to include a performance or two throughout the year.
  • The Tasting Room is devoted to helping the student body explore the wide world of wines. We do so by hosting themed tastings throughout the year to educate attendees about the nuances of each wine, and the particulars of the region being sampled.
  • The mission of the NYMC Ultimate Frisbee Club is to promote and spread interest of the sport of Ultimate Frisbee within the NYMC community. To achieve this goal, we plan games and events that anyone who has interest is welcome to attend. Despite grueling curricula, we meet and play as often as possible because we find Ultimate Frisbee to be an invigorating diversion from our work.
  • The volleyball club welcomes all to meet weekly at Court Sports for 2 hours of indoor volleyball just 3 minutes from campus! Depending on how many people show up, we play 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4, or do a round robin. All skill levels welcome! $5 per person per week (unless you can negotiate a better rate!); free for Court Sports members.
  • Wine Club of NYMC is a haven for wine-lovers and non wine-lovers alike to enjoy the company of their fellow classmates. Wine Club hosts several events a year featuring tastings from regions around the world (recent tastings have been Greece, France, and Germany/Austria) with relevant cuisine. All are welcome to join!
For additional information on any of our clubs or student activities please contact the Dean of Student Activities at (914) 594-4491.