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The NYMC Student Healthcare Executives Club was established in the Summer of 2007 through the efforts of Deborah Viola Ph.D., the founding officers, and the School of Health Sciences and Practice (formerly the School of Public Health). The membership boasts students from a wide variety of disciplines. Students in good standing from any school within NYMC are invited to join.

The club was formed with the purpose of providing a network for students in healthcare administration to meet, exchange ideas on a local level. These goals include staying current on healthcare management issues, expanding healthcare management knowledge, and helping to shape the current and future environment of healthcare management. The club holds 4-5 meetings per academic year. These meetings, which are open to the entire NYMC community, are combined with lectures given by invited guests.

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Guests of the chapter have been:

  • Dr. Nirav R. Shaw, former NYS Commissioner of Health
  • Dr. Allen J. Dozor, Director, Children’s Environmental Health Center of Hudson Valley
  • Yang Yang, Ph.D., Director, Researcher & Founder of the Center for Taiji and Qigong Studies
  • Dr. Henry Falk, Rear Admiral and Assistant U.S. Surgeon General
  • Dr. Sherlita Amler, Commissioner of Health – Westchester County
  • Dr. Joan Facelle, former Commissioner of Health – Rockland County
  • Bernadette-Kingham-Bez, Executive Director, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Westchester
  • Barbara Butcher, M.P.H., Emergency Preparedness
  • Nancy Stambler, Senior Director, Biometrics, Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Yedidah Yehudah, Program Administrator, Div. Community Health, Westchester County Dept. of Health
  • James Lee, Chief Operating Officer, Lawrence Hospital Center
  • Dr. Gregory Almond, Chair, Emergency Medicine, Metropolitan Hospital
  • Patrick Lee, M.P.H. (2011), Stericycle, Safety Manager
  • Kelly Ernst, M.P.H., Director, Chapter Programs, March of Dimes Foundation
  • Dr. Lourdes Frau, Clinical/Pharmaceutical Research, New York Medical College
  • Jason Tenzer, M.P.H., Alumni 2004, Account Executive, Abbott Immunology
  • Ms. Liana H. Fixell, Coordinator, Open Door Family Medical Centers

The chapter also coordinates an annual series of events for National Public Health Week (first week of April). The events have included a week long poster display put together by students, faculty, and invited organizations, and evening events which include lectures/talks on some of the latest hot button issues in healthcare management.

Get involved, and let us know what you would like hear about and from whom! For information on how to join our chapter, please contact us.