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Curriculum Committee   
Yaffa Sachs, Class of 2022
Juliet Jacobson, Class of 2022
  Curriculum Committee Class 2022 
Phil Sang, Class of 2021
Cassidy Hart, Class of 2021
  Curriculum Committee Class 2021 
Marcus Foo, Class of 2020
James Stevenson, Class of 2020
  Photo not available 
Ella Christoph, Class of 2019
Alexandra Berardi, Class of 2019
  Photo not available  
IT Committee    
Mathias Palmer, Class of 2021   IT Committee Class of 2021
Priyanka Hardikar, Class of 2020    IT Committee Class of 2020 
Research Subcommittee    
From right to left:
Ruth Angrand, Class of 2021
Youxin Guan, Class of 2021
Nikita Ahmad, Class of 2021
Jayaji More, Class of 2020
Erin Caraher, Class of 2021
Catie Donlon, Class of 2022
Avery Wilson, Class of 2022
  Research Subcommitee 

Maria Sandova, Class of 2019
David Bamshad, Class of 2019
Ebrahim Afshinnekoo, Class of 2020

  Photo not available 
Student Wellness Committee    
Jessica McMillin, Class of 2022
Joon Sub Lee, Class of 2022
Kavita Patel, Class of 2022
Allison Zhong, Class of 2022
Eva Holzner, Class of 2022 (not pictured) 
  Student Wellness Committee Class of 2022 
Kaila Lee, Class of 2021
Elizabeth Laikhter, Class of 2021
Alexa Cohen, Class of 2021
Aparna Vancheswaran, Class of 2021
Jami Longo, Class of 2021
  Student Wellness Committee Class of 2021 
Matthew Capustin, Class of 2020
Eva Strobl, Class of 2020
Tianyu Bai, Class of 2020
  Photo not available
Nazanin Khajoueinejad, Class of 2019
Molly Kobritz, Class of 2019
Shannon Kiang, Class of 2019
  Photo not available 
Course Reps     
Nikita Ahmad, Class of 2021 - Pathology/Pathophysiology
Ryan Alcantara, Class of 2021 - Pathology/Pathophysiology
Leyla Cadaver, Class of 2021 - Microbiology/Immunology
Meghan Dherken, Class of 2021 - Pharmacology
Alice Qin, Class of 2021 - Foundations of Clinical Medicine 2
  Photo not available 
Trevor Plummer, Class of 2022 - Physiology
Jood Ani, Class of 2022 - Biochemistry
Michael Reilly, Class of 2022 - Foundations of Clinical Medicine 1
Avery Wilson, Class of 2022 - Ethics
  Photo not available