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Room Change Requests

It is encouraged that all apartment mates meet at the beginning of their occupancy term in order to establish expectations and guidelines for the apartment. The Office of Student & Residential Life expects students to learn to live with one another and deal with conflict in a mature manner. The staff of our office is available to assist after students have spoken with roommates on their own.

Room changes are approved at the discretion of the Director of Student & Residential Life for extenuating circumstances and can only occur if space is available. Students will not be permitted to change rooms immediately before or after the room selection process begins. 

Additionally, room change requests based on reasons of race, creed, color, nationality, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital/parental status, veteran’s status and/or religion will not be entertained. Students may not change bedrooms within an apartment without prior approval from The Office of Student & Residential Life. Students who have been approved to change rooms will incur a $200 room change fee.