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Grasslands I

Grasslands I is unfurnished and in garden style. All kitchens are equipped with appliances, including a microwave. Shower curtains are also included. Units do not have central air, so please see information regarding A/C units. All sizes are approximate, each unit will vary slightly and we will not be able to tell you the exact square footage of your apartment.

Click the photo to see a 360 degree view of a Grasslands I apartment.

2023-2024 Apartment Rates*

Grasslands I - Garden Style Buildings

Single Students (Cost Per Student Per Month)
Grasslands I Three Bed Share  - $760.00 (Based on availability and may not be an option on application.)
Grasslands I Two Bed Share $885.00

Married Students (Cost Per Unit Per Month)
Grasslands I One Bedroom Apartment $1,545.00

Jr. 1 bed (furnished)/ Studio (unfurnished) - $1,330/$1,225.00.

Cable Internet & Laundry fee (CIL) Fee For all Students Per Semester per bedroom $330.00  

*Rates are subject to change 2.5% annually*

Apartment Sizes:

Grassland 1 apartments vary based on size, corner units verses middle units, all measurements are estimates. Upstairs apartments end in even numbers, Odd number apartments are downstairs. 1 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments are only upstairs. 


2 Bedroom Upstairs = 530 sq. ft.
Bedroom 1: 11’x11’ = 120 sq. ft.
Bedroom 2: 11’x15’ = 165 sq. ft.  
Bathroom: 5’x7’= 35 sq. ft.

3 Bedroom Apartment 
Bedroom 1: 11’x11’ = 120 sq. ft.
Bedroom 2 & 3: 11’x15’ = 165 sq. ft 

2 Bedroom Downstairs = 500 sq. ft.‌‌‌‌
Both bedrooms: 11’x13’=140 sq. ft.
Kitchen/Living room: 11’x12’ = 102 sq. ft.  
Bathroom = 5’x7’: 35 sq. ft.
1 Bedroom Apartment = 320 sq. ft.
Bedroom 1: 11’x11’ = 120 sq. ft.
Living Room: 11’x15’ = 165 sq. ft.  
Bathroom: 35 sq. ft. 


2 Bedroom Apartment Outline (layout differs when the apartment is upstairs or downstairs)  


 Left is the studio/ Jr. 1 bedroom size. Right - 3 bedroom. These are separate apartments connected by 1 wall. These apartments are upstairs only.