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Public Health & Biostatistics (M.P.H., M.S., Advanced Certificate) Registration Process


SHSP MPH Summer Slider

Registration for Summer 2020 begins on March 15, 2020

For a list of courses currently being offered, click the link below.

Course Schedule Summer 2020

Please make an appointment with your advisor prior to registration.

The curriculum for each program (whether M.P.H., M.S. or Advanced certificate) can be found here

Advisement sheets for each program can be found here.

Students register themselves online via the TouroOne portal, after receiving their advisor’s approval of their proposed course schedule. 

You will receive registration instructions and dates from your department before registration opens (in July for fall classes, in November for spring classes, and in May for summer classes). 

For details about registering for the upcoming term:

Students are advised to register early to avoid of the possibility of a being closed out of classes because they have reached their maximum. Guidelines for the optimum, and maximum class size, are followed to insure the best educational experience for the student.

Schedule changes (drop/add)

You can add or drop classes online through the semester add/drop deadline (see below). 

Dropped courses are removed entirely from the student’s transcript.  In addition, students may change their status in a course from graded to audit, or vice versa, during the drop/add period. 

Classes (credits) dropped during the add/drop period may result in a partial tuition charge, unless you are replacing them with an identical number of credits (“swapping”). Please see the refund deadlines for the current term, below.

Withdrawing from classes after drop/add:

After the deadline to drop, submit this Graduate School Add/Drop/Withdraw Form to the Registrar’s Office.

Courses from which the student withdraws after the close of the drop/add period will remain on the student’s transcript with a grade of W (withdraw) or W/F (withdraw, failing).  The W/F “grade” is given if the student is failing the course and more than 50% of the final grade has been determined.  Both W and W/F are “non-penalty” grades that do not negatively impact a student’s gpa.

To drop or withdraw from all of your courses, take a leave of absence, or withdraw from the program entirely, please contact your Program Director or Department Chair.

Registration for a class or classes is the official admittance of a student to the School of Health Sciences and Practice. Only registered students are allowed access to campus services, facilities, and the school network and email system.