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SOM Curriculum Overview

The first-year curriculum is organized into three Blocks:

  • Block 1:  Gross Anatomy and Embryology/ Histology and Cell Biology/ Foundations of Clinical Medicine
  • Block 2:  Biochemistry/ Medical Physiology/ Foundations of Clinical Medicine
  • Block 3:  Neuroscience/ Behavioral Science/ Foundations of Clinical Medicine

Additional course requirements include Biostatistics and Epidemiology, a case-based course in Biomedical Ethics, and History of Medicine. View the Computer Requirements for incoming students.

The second-year curriculum, places an emphasis on small-group discussion and problem-based, active learning, with a smaller percentage of class time spent in large lectures. The second year curriculum is horizontally integrated into an organ-system model among the following courses:  Foundations of Clinical Medicine, Pathology/Pathophysiology, Medical Pharmacology and Medical Microbiology.  As in the first year, Biostatistics and Epidemiology and Biomedical Ethics are woven into related coursework.

The third-year curriculum will include the following educational requirements: Internal Medicine (6 weeks), Surgery (6 weeks), Pediatrics (6 weeks), Obstetrics and Gynecology (6 weeks), Psychiatry (4 weeks), Neurology & Rehabilitation Medicine (4 weeks), Family Medicine (4 weeks), and five 2-week electives for career exploration. The school’s location and large hospital network afford clinical training opportunities in demographically and clinically diverse settings. In addition to Westchester Medical Center, about one-third of the third year class trains at our affiliate hospitals in Manhattan.

The fourth-year curriculum includes a required Sub-Internship rotation (4 weeks), an Advanced Clinical Elective, such as Emergency Medicine, Critical Care or Radiology/ Diagnostic Medicine (4 weeks), and a one-week Transition to Residency course. In addition, there are 24 weeks of elective rotations, which can be taken at affiliated or non-affiliated training centers.


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