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Registration 2018-2019

Log in to the TouroOne Portal at https://touroone.touro.edu/sso/login

Registering For Classes - June 4 -  June 29

    1. Click the Registration on left blue side bar
    2. Click Add/Drop Classes.  (This will open as a new tab in your browser.)
    3. Select Fall 2018
    4. In the Add Classes Worksheet, type the following CRNs (course reference numbers) into the boxes.  You must put in all of them at once.
      • 13038: Transition to Medical School
      • 13031: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 1A
      • 13034: Foundations in Clinical Medicine 1A
      • 13032: Biomedical Ethics 1A
      • 13035: Gross Anatomy & Embryology
      • 13036: Histology & Cell Biology
      • 13037: Medical Physiology 1A
    5. Click Submit Changes.
    6. The screen will refresh and you’ll now see these courses under “Current Schedule” 
    7. Close the current browser tab and click again on Add/Drop Classes
    8. Select Spring 2019
    9. In the Add Classes Worksheet, type in ALL of the following CRNs.
      • 10546: Behavioral Science
      • 10547: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 1B
      • 10548: Biomedical Ethics 1B
      • 10549: Foundations in Clinical Medicine 1B
      • 10550: History of Medicine
      • 10551: Medical Physiology 1B
      • 10552: Neuroscience

Having difficulties?  Here are some common errors & tips:

  • Can’t log in to the portal:  See the email you received from Admissions for instructions.  Please reference that email to find your TouroOne ID number (starting with “T”).
  • Coreq error:  Be sure you are submitting all of the CRNs at one time.  Also double-check that you’ve entered the CRNs correctly.
  • Registration hold:  Contact the office designated.  Then return to register.
  • Other questions?  Email the Registrar’s office at registrar@nymc.edu.

 Paying Tuition and Fees / Checking Financial Aid Status

  1. Click Financial Services on the left blue sidebar
  2. Click the TouchNet link, located in the “Office of the Bursar-Student Accounts” section
  3. You will also receive an e-bill notification to your NYMC email account.  The e-bill will show your tuition and fees, but not any financial aid awards.  Look out for the email notice indicating that your financial aid award letter is available for you to accept or decline.