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About the Chairman

Our department strives to achieve excellence in our missions related to research, graduate and postdoctoral training and medical education. The research interests of our faculty are generally focused on cardiovascular pharmacology and use a wide variety of experimental approaches that include interactions with scientists of other basic science and clinical departments. The Department has a long record of success in graduate education, and our graduates work in numerous universities, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies. The size of our program encourages the development of a close working relationship between students and faculty. We make an effort to tailor our programs to individual student needs in a manner that will provide them with a solid foundation for successful careers in pharmacology and biomedical science. The links on this page will provide you with more information about our faculty, research activities and graduate programs.

‌Michal Laniado Schwartzman, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Department of Pharmacology
New York Medical College
Basic Sciences Building Rm. 527A
Phone: (914) 594-3116
Fax: (914) 347-4956
Email: michal_schwartzman@nymc.edu