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Body Bequeathal Program

This ultimate gift is recognized each May by New York Medical College during the Annual Convocation of Thanks, a forum for first-year medical students to express their gratitude to the families and friends of those who donated their bodies, providing them with one of the most important rites of passage in medical school—the study of human anatomy. Through song, poetry, prose and art, the first-year medical students communicate their indebtedness to the people they did not know in life, yet came to know intimately.

Additional information on the Body Bequeathal Program can be found here.

The following forms are necessary to download and complete in order to enroll in the Body Bequeathal Program:

For additional information on the NYMC Body Bequeathal Program please contact Ms. Cindy Moonsammy, Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy at 914-594-4025.