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Race for Rehab

The Race for Rehab is a New York Medical College sponsored event that is organized by the Physical Therapy students as a community service. The proceeds from this race benefit the International Achilles Track Club, whose members participate in the race, and whose mission includes encouraging persons of all abilities to participate in mainstream athletics.

The idea for an annual race came about in 1999 when a group of Physical Therapy students at New York Medical College's School of Health Sciences and Practice decided to raise money for rehabilitation therapies. With the support of New York Medical College, Westchester Medical Center and various other corporate and local sponsors, the first Race for Rehab took place on October 30, 1999.

The goal of the race event is twofold. First, it helps shed light on both the needs and the abilities of physically challenged athletes. Second, the event helps to raise much needed money for many athletes who are without the resources necessary to participate in an event like Race for Rehab. As in the inaugural event of 1999, all of the proceeds will benefit the International Achilles Track Club, a world-wide track organization that encourages people with physical challenges of all levels to participate in running and exercising with the general public regardless of speed, level of ability or age.

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