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Applied Practice Experience

The APE provides MPH students with a structured public health practice experience whereby they can take a population-based approach to a public health problem and apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom. Students demonstrate foundational and concentration-specific competency attainment through the APE.


All MPH students will register and complete the APE. Grading for the APE will be honors/pass/fail. In general, a student should register for the APE upon completion of at least 15 credits of coursework.

Approval by the student’s academic advisor is required (see Timing of APE and Registration policy posted on Student Resources). Students are required to have completed the following core courses:

  • Health Care in the United States
  • Introduction to Biostatistics and Epidemiology for Public Health Students
  • Behavioral and Social Factors in Public Health
  • Public Health in Action

The APE can be completed either in one semester or spread out over three semesters but must be completed within one year (three semesters) of registering for the APE. There is no incomplete option. If, during a spring or fall semester, a student is not registered for other courses while working on the APE, then they must register for maintenance of matriculation in order to maintain active student status.

Students are required to keep a log of hours spent at the APE site, and to submit all the required deliverables within two weeks of completing the experience, and a minimum of four business days prior to their “checkout appointment/exit interview.”

Download Applied Practice Experience Guidelines for more information.