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Divisions & Degree Programs

The Department of Public Health offers masters, doctoral and certificate programs divided among its divisions below.

Division of Biostatistics

As the health care system evolves, there is an increasing need for health analytics by biomedical research institutions, biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, health information exchanges, hospital collaborations and health-related research firms.  This quantitative degree program will prepare people with the tools to build and interpret predictive models to assess health outcomes and to develop systems for optimal health care delivery.

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Division of Environmental Health Science

Environmental Health Science is a multi-faceted field incorporating a variety of professionals, including engineers, hydrologists, industrial hygienists, toxicologists, epidemiologists, and molecular biologists. Environmental health professionals typically hold positions in industry, in compliance programs or as health safety officers; in consulting firms performing environmental monitoring or audits; in not-for-profit organizations as researchers and/or advocates; or in government in the areas of inspections and permits, water quality, food, sanitation, or air quality.

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Division of Epidemiology

Epidemiology is the discipline used to find the causes of health outcomes and diseases in populations. It is the scientific, systematic and data driven study of the frequency and patterns, as well as causes and risk factors, of health-related states and events in specified populations (neighborhood, school, city, state, country, global).

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Division of Health Behavior & Community Health

The Division of Health Behavior & Community Health focuses on the lifestyle behaviors and aspects of our social environment that affect our health.  This discipline looks for ways to encourage people to make healthy choices.  HBCH also seeks to improve the public's health through the application of social and behavioral sciences.  Through studying behavior, Health Behavior & Community Health specialists are able to modify the incidence, prevalence, and mortality rates of many diseases that affect the communities in which we live.  Additionally, these specialists promote more efficient uses of health services, adopt self-care practices, and participate actively in the design and implementation of health programs.

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Division of Health Policy and Management

When it comes to studying health policy and management, NYMC’s location just outside New York City brings tremendous advantages. The Division Health Policy and Management leverages those advantages in ways that benefit our program and our students. Together with our students, faculty explore the issues of access and equity in health care, the challenges of increased competitiveness in providing care, and the various ways cost impacts care for the extraordinarily diverse population that inhabits our region. And, because the racial, ethnic and economic diversity of Westchester mirrors that of the rest of the country, our research has implications for the myriad ways these issues impact health and health care around the country, the nation and the world.

Our full-time faculty are experienced researchers and recognized experts in health policy and management. Their work is supplemented by part-time and adjunct faculty who are themselves senior administrators at hospitals and healthcare organizations. As such, they partner in important ways with the leaders of major industries and organizations that have made Westchester home. Weare actively engaged in conducting and publishing applied research in areas such as the burden of injury and illness, community needs assessment, programmatic and economic evaluation of public health interventions, the role of information technology, provisions and policies impacting long-term care, and employee health, safety and wellbeing.

The Division of Health Policy and Management offers both on-campus and fully online as distance learning programs. 

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Advanced Certificates Offered by the Department of Public Health