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Message from the Director

Leanne Forman, MD
New York Medical College
Westchester Medical Center

Under the leadership of William Frishman, M.D., MACP, professor and chairman of the Department of Medicine, and Leanne Forman, M.D., residency director, the Internal Medicine Residency Program of New York Medical College at Westchester Medical Center, a member of the Educational Innovations Project (EIP), is committed to providing outstanding training in internal medicine.

The residency program continuously strives to anticipate the needs of the physicians of both today and tomorrow. The educational processes focus on the acquisition of medical knowledge and clinical skills as well as emerging practice patterns.

Residents in internal medicine are immersed in the learning experience from day one. On the floor rotations, residents begin each day with a well orchestrated and formal “morning sign-out” process which ensures a smooth transfer of care to the primary provider team. Hospitalist led team rounds take place at 10am daily and permit the house officer to present and discuss each case and to solidify treatment plans under the close supervision of the hospitalist. Similar rounds occur in the intensive care units. Teaching rounds and other conferences such as grand rounds our journal club augment the daily learning experience.

As house officers gain clinical experience, they are encouraged to develop research interests in clinical studies, quality and patient safety improvement work or even in basic sciences. The medical center is a tremendous resource for the house officer who is free to utilize the Medical School’s library and information systems as well as Westchester Medical Center’s resources. Leading clinicians and internationally renowned researchers are available to oversee the house officer’s research projects and to provide mentorship.

The department attempts to motivate each house officer to embrace a critical and probing scientific attitude along with a deep compassion for the sick. It is continually evolving and strengthening its program to keep pace with a rapidly expanding body of medical knowledge and technology. A large full-time faculty of more than 80 on-site members is dedicated to teaching and offers role models for the physicians of tomorrow. Full-time faculty members serve as general medical attendings, mentors and consultants and a collegial relationship exists between faculty and house staff. The department is continually evolving and strengthening its program to keep pace with a rapidly expanding body of medical knowledge and technology. Indeed, the resident training curriculum is guided and informed by the “educational milestones” concept which has been put forward by a joint American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) task force. NYMC-WMC is the first training program to widely incorporate the task forces “milestones” into its training program.

Postgraduate training in internal medicine consists of three years of assignments to a variety of outpatient and inpatient services. At least 35 percent of residents’ time is spent in the ambulatory arena. This includes rotations in the Adult Primary Care Center as well as in the Emergency Room and subspecialty clinics. The training program is fully approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and provides all the prerequisites for certification by the American Board of Internal Medicine(ABIM).

Total Positions Available:
PGY I .................................16
PGY II ................................16
PGY III................................16
PGY I .................................15
Chief Medical Residents...........3

Total .....66

Fellowships are available in all approved areas of subspecialty training at the medical center to qualified internists who seek subspecialty careers.