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Mission Statement

The commitment of the Department of Medicine to excellence in patient care is equaled only by its dedication to scholarly and scientific pursuits. By providing expert supervision and leadership, the department motivates every house officer to embrace a critical and probing scientific attitude as well as a deep compassion for the sick.

The Department of Medicine continues to evolve and strengthen its program to keep pace with the rapidly expanding body of medical knowledge and technology. A large full-time faculty of more than 80 on-site members take pride in their dedication to teaching and acting as role models for the new medical school graduates. Full-time faculty serve as general medical attendings and consultants who foster a collegial relationship with the fledgling physicians. House staff, in turn, become an extension of the faculty when they participate as instructors in the medical school education programs.

Postgraduate training in internal medicine comprises three years of assignments to a variety of outpatient and inpatient services. The training program is fully approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education ( ACGME) and provides all the prerequisites for certification by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM). The house staff receive one month of vacation each year. Fellowships are available in all approved areas of subspecialty training at Westchester Medical Center for individuals who seek subspecialty careers.

The teaching program is enriched by an extensive program of conferences and seminars. There are daily conferences in the Adult Primary Care Center and the inpatient service. Each weekday offers a resident morning report run by the program leadership, as well as a noontime conference. Weekly Grand Rounds joins students, faculty and house staff for an outstanding series of lectures and presentations. Research is a required activity of all categorical residents and numerous opportunities are available in both basic science and clinical areas. The house staff are encouraged to attend regional and national conferences and, to publish frequently.