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Message from the Program Director

The match process into residency is a rite-of-passage for every medical student and an equally important annual tradition for training programs, with both looking to find the perfect fit. Your decision to pursue Neurological Surgery will undoubtedly be among the most important and life-changing choices you will ever make , and we are genuinely thrilled to welcome you within the folds of our profession. Each of you has made that choice after much deliberation and the next phase of your training will expose you to a field offering tremendous cognitive an dtechnical intensity, career growth potential, and unquestionable patient gratitude. It will also require of you a significant degree of commitment an dpersonal sacrifice as you develop into a fully trained neurosurgeon.

Over the course of your interviews, as you explore the training programs across the country, you will begin to discover the many ways that neurosurgery can be successfully taught within the varying frameworks of an individual program's cultures and traditions. Identifying which of these programs best fits your personality and priorities is the challenge that each of you will face.

The neurosurgical training program at New York Medical College and Westchester Medical Center has been fully accredited by the ACGME for more than 25 years. Over that quarter-century, it has been developed into a program that prides itself on uncompromising clinical excellence and a philosophy of the department as family. From these simple but powerful ideas have emerged many successful and highly respected graduates who have pursued careers in all the branches of neurosurgical subspecialization.

More recently, with the infusion of new departmental leadership and additional subspecialized faculty, there is a sense of renewed optimism and many great expectations for the near future. I am confident that based on the pillars of clinical excellence, education, academic opportunity, and mentorship, the residency in neurological surgery will continue to flourish and I am grateful for an opportunity to be able to share our unique program with you.

Chirag D. Gandhi, MD
Vice-Chair, Neurosurgery
New York Medical College
Section-Chief, Neurovascular Surgery
Westchester Medical Center