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Westchester Medical Center

First year ophthalmology residents spend most of their time in ophthalmology clinics at Westchester Medical Center. The primary emphasis is on general ophthalmology but there is significant exposure to the subspecialty clinics such as cornea, glaucoma, neuro-ophthalmology and retina. While in their first year residents perform minor surgical procedures (such as chalazia) and serve as first assistant in the operating room for more complicated cases 2-4 days per month. In addition to this the first year residents are able to travel off site for low-vision and refractive surgery experience 2-4 half days per month. The exposure the residents have in their first year allows them to become comfortable with performing intraocular surgical procedures by their second year. 

Second year residents continue to development their clinical skills in addition to beginning to learn surgical technique. While at Westchester the resident participates in the general and subspecialty ophthalmology clinics. Here they also participate in the operating room 1-2 days a week, focusing on oculoplastics and pediatric surgical cases. 

Third year residents act as chief residents and are typically dedicated to the operating room. While at Westchester Medical Center the third year resident typically operates 3-4 days per week. Typically 2 days a week are reserved for resident-cases where they are the primary surgeon and 1-2 days per week they assist in the private cases which are technically challenging procedures which provides an excellent learning experience.