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Medical Student Rotation

3rd Year Rotations

The department of orthopaedics offers 2-week selective rotations to 3rd year New York Medical College students. Students may choose to rotate in the adult or pediatric divisions.

4th Year Rotations

New York Medical College offers one-month sub-internships in orthopaedic surgery from July through November for NYMC and visiting students. The Department's objective is to provide students with an opportunity to gain experience in the evaluation and treatment of general and subspecialty orthopaedics in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. Medical students are expected to be actively involved in morning rounds, surgical cases, and emergency room activities including casting and splinting.

At the end of the rotation, medical students are asked to present a 15-minute lecture on a topic of their choice to the residents and Attending staff. For further inquiry please contact our Residency Coordinator, Jennifer Francis at 914-493-8743 or jennifer.francis@wmchealth.org.